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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


POPFile wins Jolt Productivity Award

So here I am, sitting in the coffee bar at the Westin Santa Clara, sipping a mocha, listening to the live music at the "VIP pass only" St. Patrick's Eve SD West party. I got in anyways, and they seem to have stopped checking passes too.

Anyways, POPFile won a Jolt "Productivity Award" -- so I guess we are all award winning developers now. Cool. It's not the big award of the night, as there were 3 productivity awards in each category, but I am still thrilled. We were in the security category, so it's not surprising that at a software development conference we (a peripheral utility, perhaps part of the IS infrastructure) would loose out to a source-code analysis platform.

What little I saw of the conference was fun. I enjoyed talking to a lady at the sourceforge booth, and briefly discussed some of POPFile's problems with the service. Apparently some big changes are coming. Sourceforge will also be under a new director soon, as Pat is leaving (Bye Pat! I'll miss your emails). I also briefly chatted with a guy at the intel booth, but what they were doing didn't seem too thrilling.

I recorded the entire Jolt ceremony on my webcam, so I will be putting together a montage at least. For now, all I have is a shot of the award.

Woops, I got distracted for a couple hours there by some guys from Schwan's. Cool guys. We talked software and politics for a couple hours. They seemed fairly interested in open source.

Anyways, here's a picture of the award.

The security catagory seemed odd to me too, but I guess that was the closest to a fit they had.

Thats good news about the SourceForge changes. I hope they arrive soon. When you mentioned talking to an SF person I hoped you brought up some of the problems users are having.
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