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Monday, January 10, 2005


I'm in Michigan, and I have a laptop!

My dad's visit to Vancouver was a precursor to a two-week long business trip to Ann Arbot, in Michigan, to do some close collaboration with the developers of the software used in my Dad's current project. Apparently 'the project' is hitting a bit of trouble which may be fatal, and my Dad is 'the man' to troubleshoot it.

At any rate, my Dad is largely confined to a wheelchair or a walker, due to the effects of mid-stage MS. In order for him to be able to get this vital trouble-shooting done, arrangements were supposed to be made for him to have access to on-call nursing care. Unfortunately, after he arrived in Vancouver, the arrangements that were supposed to be in place fell apart.

In order for things to proceed my Dad still needed someone to tend to him in the case of any non-emergency complications. So here I am.

Right now I'm in bed in our room blogging with my brand new laptop onto which I have shoehorned Mandrake. How cool is that.

I hope to use the rest of the next week and a half here to get some solid work done on POPFile. I seem to have ironed enough of the kinks in my new linux install to be able to focus on some improvements. I've also arranged to have SSH access to my home desktop so nothing I need there is inaccessible.

More later, of course.

you shoehorned a comic strip? what? you talk nonsense!!
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