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Friday, November 12, 2004


It's going to be a long day

I've been up since midnight. Oh the joys of working graveyards -- your days off are lonely evenings surfing for po.... doing nothing.

I took my car in to ICBC this morning for an insurance estimate on my sunroof and CD Changer. It looks like I'm only on the hook for my $300 deductible, and they are covering the changer even though I don't have any receipts for it (surprising!). I'm pretty happy with that, though of course, not having to spend another $300 on my car this month would be better. Ah well!

Other than that, another of the jobs I applied for last month wants to hire me. So I might be working up on a ski-hill this winter. Excellent!

I still have to take my car to a glass place for measurement and such, then I need to knock out for 3 hours of sleep before I head into work early to get my hair cut. Then it's another shift at work moving boxes. Woo.

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