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Sunday, November 07, 2004


What's new?

Wow, it's been a while! Sorry. My roommate is obviously upset that I havn't been posting.

Lots of new things in my life. Nothing earth shattering, but it has been a fairly interesting month. I have a new job, my old work wants to re-hire me, I replaced the clutch in my car, had my car broken into, went to some fun parties, and am considering immigrating to Australia. I may also have been given a few acre's of undeveloped property in the Kootenays.

My new job is "swamping" at a warehouse at night. Basically, when stuff comes off a truck, it is on pallets. My job is to read the paperwork for those pallets and make sure the product isn't stacked too high to be stored in the warehouse. If it is, I move the product onto new pallets. I also get to separate products that have been combined onto a single pallet so they can be put away seperately. It's not very challenging, mentally, but is surprisingly fun and I am getting in shape faster than I would have guessed.

As for my car, I'd been having clutch problems but hadn't put together enough money to deal with them. So the clutch did finally give out on the side of the highway. That wasn't too surprising, though it was inconvenient. I signed up with BCAA and got my car towed to a pullout at the nearest exit so I could spend a few days deciding what to do with it. This is where someone apparently broke my sunroof and stole my CD changer. The clutch replacement cost $1400, which didn't make me happy, and I still have to deal with getting a new sunroof.

For parties, I went to a great halloween party last Saturday. My roommate and her best friend went as a pregnant trailer-trash couple. I went as a carpenter (with a tool-belt full of candy). There were many pretty ladies there, though the one I was interested in hasn't returned my phone-call. Oh well!

As for Australia, I have been planning on going there to live with (or at least near) my Dad for a while. I'm not sure of the exact timeline for this, but I will be applying to the University of Ballarat (where my Dad does research and lectures) as a foreign student. If that doesn't work out, I will figure something else out.

Anyways, not much else to report right now. I am planning on changing the format of this blog a little bit. I had previously been limiting my posts to technical-ish and anti-spam stuff. But I'd like to share more stuff about myself. So, watch out!


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