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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Schneier on Security: SHA-1 Broken

Schneier on Security: SHA-1 Broken

Yikes. It'll be a short while before the paper is publicly available, but it doesn't look good. Are there any hash functions out there still unbroken?

Friday, February 11, 2005


Visiting SFU tonight

So I'm up at SFU tonight. Wow, memories. I used to spend professional days up here with my dad, mostly doing stupid things to computers that an 8-13 year-old shouldn't be doing, meeting his co-workers (some of whom still remember me, at least according to them at the dinner many of us shared while my dad was in town) and eating lunch in the staff room at the cafeteria.

Sarah, a friend of my roommate's who seems to tolerate my existence ( ;-) ) is editor for the arts section at SFU's student paper. Sarah is up here all night and needs to fill her section, so Natasha and I are up here hanging out with her. We brought bubble tea and a buritto.

The one idea we (ie, they) had for filling space that involved me was a critique of a movie Natasha and I saw recently. That sounded too much like a book report, so I am doing my usual geeky stuff. My offer to write something geeky wasn't enthusiastically received. They, not being as uncontrollably geeky are doing arts editor stuff, and writing some other stuff.

Hooray for stuff.

And boo to politics and drama impeding good things.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Challenge/response filtering systems DO get false negatives

This is what you get if you use challenge/response that flails about and
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This is a test post for "gaim-blogger". Blogging via IM (or close, anyways!) Interesting.


Hair? What hair?

Yep, shaved my head. No more mop for a little while. Damn, but shaving your head goes through the razor blades.

I'll see how I like the bald look. Mixed reports so far, but I think there's only really one opinion that counts.