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Monday, January 31, 2005



I feel unclean. So much loathing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Geeking out, 802.11b SDIO card, mongolian grill, oh my.

Today I slept in till 9 (!!!), then caught up with my Dad at the office. He was busy geeking out on his project, so I popped on my headphones and finished setting up my laptop to be useful for POPFile development. Mostly I was solving issues with having aborted the initial Linux install part way through, such as not having perl-devel and a bunch of other things installed. I also caught a bit of a nap in the office, since I was up far too late last night.

Long story short I now have email working using my training database from my desktop. I considered and discarded the possibility of forwarding email for classification via SSH to my desktop POPFile's XMLRPC interface. Running it locally makes more sense. I can copy the database back over when I get home.

After all that fun at the office we went for a drive up to the CompUSA in the next town over as the local one didn't have my Dad's coveted 802.11b SDIO card for his palm in stock. When we got home we checked his email on the hotel's wireless via IMAP. How neat!

On the way home we stopped at a very yummy mongolian grill and had a nice long chat with our waitress. Good fun.

Tomorrow... CVS commits should be happening. I feel content.

Monday, January 10, 2005


I'm in Michigan, and I have a laptop!

My dad's visit to Vancouver was a precursor to a two-week long business trip to Ann Arbot, in Michigan, to do some close collaboration with the developers of the software used in my Dad's current project. Apparently 'the project' is hitting a bit of trouble which may be fatal, and my Dad is 'the man' to troubleshoot it.

At any rate, my Dad is largely confined to a wheelchair or a walker, due to the effects of mid-stage MS. In order for him to be able to get this vital trouble-shooting done, arrangements were supposed to be made for him to have access to on-call nursing care. Unfortunately, after he arrived in Vancouver, the arrangements that were supposed to be in place fell apart.

In order for things to proceed my Dad still needed someone to tend to him in the case of any non-emergency complications. So here I am.

Right now I'm in bed in our room blogging with my brand new laptop onto which I have shoehorned Mandrake. How cool is that.

I hope to use the rest of the next week and a half here to get some solid work done on POPFile. I seem to have ironed enough of the kinks in my new linux install to be able to focus on some improvements. I've also arranged to have SSH access to my home desktop so nothing I need there is inaccessible.

More later, of course.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


my dad is in town!

Yay. My dad is visiting from Australia for a week, and then we're both of to Michigan for two weeks. We're super busy visiting with all of his local friends until then, but are finding plenty of time to do all kinds of geeky things.

We tried using my linux desktop as a PPP gateway for his bluetooth PDA (close, but not quite), tried booting several computers from a linux distro on my USB flash-drive watch (yes, a watch!). We've also slurped all of my telephone contacts out of my cell-phone, which I didn't know could be done via IRda. Cool!

More later.