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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Geeking out, 802.11b SDIO card, mongolian grill, oh my.

Today I slept in till 9 (!!!), then caught up with my Dad at the office. He was busy geeking out on his project, so I popped on my headphones and finished setting up my laptop to be useful for POPFile development. Mostly I was solving issues with having aborted the initial Linux install part way through, such as not having perl-devel and a bunch of other things installed. I also caught a bit of a nap in the office, since I was up far too late last night.

Long story short I now have email working using my training database from my desktop. I considered and discarded the possibility of forwarding email for classification via SSH to my desktop POPFile's XMLRPC interface. Running it locally makes more sense. I can copy the database back over when I get home.

After all that fun at the office we went for a drive up to the CompUSA in the next town over as the local one didn't have my Dad's coveted 802.11b SDIO card for his palm in stock. When we got home we checked his email on the hotel's wireless via IMAP. How neat!

On the way home we stopped at a very yummy mongolian grill and had a nice long chat with our waitress. Good fun.

Tomorrow... CVS commits should be happening. I feel content.

Why is it that when we are at the bar right by our place and I try and hook you up with the waitress, you put no effort into it. BUT, when you are in another country, you hit on waitresses? MAKES NO SENSE!! Get the local ones, or at least in the same country! Unless, of course, you are planning on instituting the Four F's: Find 'em, Feed 'em, Fuck 'em, and Forget 'em!
Pssshhhttt! We (myself, my dad, and a colleague of his from South Australia) were chatting with our waitress. She's a linguist, and interested in the application of computers in the field. So a bunch of computer geeks had alot to talk to her about.
Did you make any jokes about her being a cunning linguist? I don't actually understand why that is funny, I mean it sounds dirty, but I can't pinpoint why.....
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