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Saturday, November 13, 2004


E-Mail Authentication Will Not End Spam

Y'Know, this isn't a surprise to anyone who has been following this technology. The idea isn't to eliminate spam via authentication. The idea is to ensure that only email that is legitimately associated with a source makes it's way onto networks that wish to enforce this distinction.

From there, spammer 'sources' (which are now legitimately associated with their spam) can be blocked or ignored with minimal fuss. Basically, SPF and all of it's ilk are designed solely to allow the re-introduction of domain blocking. Really this is the only type of blocking some of the *ahem* weaker email clients out there can perform.

Anyways, the article is here. Nothing new if you're following the issue. The article does introduce some non-spam related security issues which should serve put a good fright into anyone reading. That seems a bit sensationalistic to me. Ah well.

E-Mail Authentication Will Not End Spam, Panelists Say - BizReport

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