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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Trackbacks courtesy of haloscan

Trackbacks are now possible on blogger.com, using haloscan.com's trackback service.

A tiny bit of tinkering was required to enable haloscan's trackback and not their comment service, and unfortunately I couldn't find any haloscan icons that didn't say "Comments by". So no icon.

A bit of code to paste to enable auto-discovery, but nothing too hard.

Anyways, here's hoping I get some fun trackbacks!

Saturday, March 19, 2005



An interesting take on the 'problem' of the proliferation of OSS licenses. It isn't terribly groundbreaking as things like the Mozilla Public License already includes text in it's template a block allowing alternate licenses to be given as an option.

But the idea of heirarchical meta-licenses seems intriguing.

NewsForge | Metalicensing

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


POPFile wins Jolt Productivity Award

So here I am, sitting in the coffee bar at the Westin Santa Clara, sipping a mocha, listening to the live music at the "VIP pass only" St. Patrick's Eve SD West party. I got in anyways, and they seem to have stopped checking passes too.

Anyways, POPFile won a Jolt "Productivity Award" -- so I guess we are all award winning developers now. Cool. It's not the big award of the night, as there were 3 productivity awards in each category, but I am still thrilled. We were in the security category, so it's not surprising that at a software development conference we (a peripheral utility, perhaps part of the IS infrastructure) would loose out to a source-code analysis platform.

What little I saw of the conference was fun. I enjoyed talking to a lady at the sourceforge booth, and briefly discussed some of POPFile's problems with the service. Apparently some big changes are coming. Sourceforge will also be under a new director soon, as Pat is leaving (Bye Pat! I'll miss your emails). I also briefly chatted with a guy at the intel booth, but what they were doing didn't seem too thrilling.

I recorded the entire Jolt ceremony on my webcam, so I will be putting together a montage at least. For now, all I have is a shot of the award.

Woops, I got distracted for a couple hours there by some guys from Schwan's. Cool guys. We talked software and politics for a couple hours. They seemed fairly interested in open source.

Anyways, here's a picture of the award.


POPFile is a Jolt award finalist

So I'm off to Santa Clara/San Jose for the award ceremony later today. A big thanks goes to John Graham-Cumming (who couldn't attend) and all who have donated to POPFile for making it possible for me to fly down there.

We're competing against mostly closed source commercial software, including Microsoft's ISA Server 2004. May the best software win, I guess.

I'm fairly ready to feel completely out of place, however.

I'll be wandering around at SD West for a few hours before the award ceremony, and then apparently there will be an after-party. I'll try to make some notes, and maybe get my webcam running to record the ceremony.

Good luck to us!