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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


POPFile is a Jolt award finalist

So I'm off to Santa Clara/San Jose for the award ceremony later today. A big thanks goes to John Graham-Cumming (who couldn't attend) and all who have donated to POPFile for making it possible for me to fly down there.

We're competing against mostly closed source commercial software, including Microsoft's ISA Server 2004. May the best software win, I guess.

I'm fairly ready to feel completely out of place, however.

I'll be wandering around at SD West for a few hours before the award ceremony, and then apparently there will be an after-party. I'll try to make some notes, and maybe get my webcam running to record the ceremony.

Good luck to us!

How exactly are you planning to film yourself receiving that award? I'm looking forward to see the footage.

Have a good time down there!
My plan is to set up my laptop with my webcam pointed at the stage. If we win, I'll leave things running at the table while I go up on stage.
I didn't know POPFile was up against that kind of competition. It would be really cool for an open source project to win. I hope your having lots of fun.
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