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Sunday, February 06, 2005

This is a test post for "gaim-blogger". Blogging via IM (or close, anyways!) Interesting.

Not bad. No title. Any documentation anywhere? Guess I'll take a look. Do comments come back to me in GAIM?
Well, it looks like I get a change to the buddy icon when a comment is left. Good enough. Titles now?
Well, the XMLRPC API doesn't have a concept of "title" so I guess I'll add those manually. Too bad. Maybe the author will move to blogger's "atom" API.
Interesting, but not that usefull. How often would you need to blog from your IM program? Anyway I like messing with the HTML of my posts to load them with keywords.
Hello, have you find a solution for Title with gaim-blogger?
Is-it possible to add picture on the blog with gaim-blogger?
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